Hot and Mean – Femdom Porn Site

Hot and Mean – Femdom Porn Site
5.5 Total Score
    • HD & Full HD Videos: 542
    • 4K (2160p) Videos: 0
    • Bonus Sites: Part of Brazzers
    • Last Updated: September 2, 2020
Hot and Mean – Femdom Porn Site
Hot and Mean – Femdom Porn Site
  • Many hot pornstars, mostly bisexual
  • It’s a hardcore, femdom lesbian site
  • Scenarios are quirky and interesting
  • I like the “slave versus master” idea
  • Video quality is always spectacular
  • The timeline feature is back
  • A vast collection of scenes
  • No limitations of any kind
  • More than 500 pornstars

Hot and Mean Site Review

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#1. About Hot and Mean

This is a free bonus site of the Brazzers network. For more details and insights, see our full review.

Celebrating more than 10-years in business, Hot and Mean site was created in 2009 with one purpose only – lesbian porn. Afterward, they were bought out by the same company that runs Brazzers, PornHub, and a bunch of other sites. The good news? Their quality has only improved since then.

#2. Top 10 Categories

What are these sluts up to?

All Videos (542)
100 %
Lesbian (532)
98 %
Pussy Licking (435)
80 %
Pussy Fingering (368)
68 %
Ass Licking (286)
52 %
Starp-On (164)
31 %
69 (160)
30 %
Femdom (149)
29 %
Anal Fingering (98)
21 %
Couple Fantasies (95)
18 %
Anal (91)
17 %

#3. First Impressions & Site Design

In the early 2020, Brazzers has redesigned their bonus sites’ homepages and did some minor changes to the backend. The latter made site far worse than it was before due to removal of great features that allowed you to skip the random talk and jump straight to the sex, etc. Now, I’m happy to report that these features are back with a yet another redesign except this time it’s about the media player.

Having got that out of my way, HotAndMean sales page looks like any other. We’ve been stuck with the same layout for close to 5-years now but it’s fine. At the very top, there’s a menu with video categories, other sites, upcoming porn videos, and so on. As we move down below, viewers can see the total number of scenes, which is always a good sign. That’s how you know the site has nothing to hide!

In addition to that, you get a clear view for the latest upload dates, view counts, and that helps you to get a fuller picture on what’s going on there. You’ll often see sites that don’t upload videos as often as they should (or stopped doing so completely) hide these details.

As you finish rubbing your clit to the view of animated thumbnails, feel free to click on any of them for a trailer. There’s a scene description, tags, and pornstar names on the right side of the page too. In case you read that boring stuff. Everything else is simply good, so let’s cut the chase and jump to porn!

#4. Porn Content & Performers

There’s always a reason to fuck and you can count on Hot and Mean to find it. Even though this is a lesbian porn site, not every video casts females only although don’t jump to conclusions just yet! There’ve been scenarios with cheating spouses, creepy guys, bosses that get between two chicks that clearly want to fuck one another, etc. However, I can assure you that this is not a threesome site and the dicks never touch these “lesbian pornstars”, nor do they stay on camera before the initial plot runs its course.

Okay, how about some examples? Stuck in a boring work environment, the slutty secretary who wants nothing but fuck him went into her boss’s office to “do some work” aka flirt. The guy was checking her out and then, of course, his jealous wife comes uninvited. They have a small argument while the “slut 5000” does all she can to make it even more obnoxious. You could call her behavior “hot and mean”! Get it? Well, the wife goes to teach her a lesson and it started with a butthole rimming cut, then proceeded to ass fucking with a strap-on and finished with anal fisting. Yeah, she’ll know better next time!

Watch the trailers for more ideas, just realize that not every scene goes to such extremes. There are plenty of “lighter” lesbian videos too just but still a meaner side! It’s still a hardcore porn site, make no mistake about that. If you want slow burning erotica, check these alternatives.

In terms of acting, it could be better as there’s more talk than in other videos. These intros still don’t exceed the 5-inute timeframe, but due to often mediocre performance, HotAndMean site doesn’t always hit the right notes. Thankfully, it’s just a bump on an overall smooth road and varies by a pornstar. Overall, HotAndMean videos have a nice pace to them, or flow to be specific. There are no blank stares into the camera nor awkwardness that you sometimes get with the less professional productions, but those whores need to learn how to act.

The sext itself is on a rougher side and the whole point of Hot and Mean it to show two (or more) lesbians doing it hardcore style. Here’s the key, these scenes mix small and large women, which is exactly how the whole “active versus passive” dynamic comes to fruition. One slut will follow a lead, that’s the idea behind HotAndMean. In other words, this is femdom porn!

#4a. Update Frequency

If all stars align, there’s a new episode every two weeks, so around 2 per month.

#4b. Pornstars

The pornstars come from your traditional cast of Brazzers. Since almost every woman in porn will not shy away from lesbian scenes, expect plenty of them here. Yes, it means that you have mostly bisexual actresses that are here for reasons other than “sensual lovemaking”. That’s not a bad thing if you just want to rub one out watching two pussies grind into one another.

The names! Give me the names, they all scream! Nicolette Shea, Scarlett Sage, Madison Ivy, Bridgette B, and so many others. Again, all the hottest pornstars are here it’s just that they don’t exclusively enjoy pussy.

Number of Pornstars: 574

#6. Conclusion

What’s my person take on HotAndMean? For me, lesbian scenes only work in a sensual, slow to develop, erotic setting. This isn’t that site. Sure, I was horny as hell after just a few videos, but whatever.

On the other hand, people who just want to see hot pornstars go crazy about one another, get involved into femdom fantasies, and so on will be extremely satisfied with the selection of women and their performance.

As a lesbian site, this is 4/10, As a femdom, I raise it to 6.5/10. Therefore, the combined value is 5.5/10.

#7. Member Area Screenshots
5.5 Total Score
Good for Femdom, Bad for Erotic Lesbians

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Site Features
  • Many hot pornstars, mostly bisexual
  • It’s a hardcore, femdom lesbian site
  • Scenarios are quirky and interesting
  • I like the “slave versus master” idea
  • Video quality is always spectacular
  • The timeline feature is back
  • A vast collection of scenes
  • No limitations of any kind
  • More than 500 pornstars
  • It’s female sex, not passionate lovemaking
  • Female acting is not the strongest part
  • There are very few “real lesbians”
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